Beauty only emanates,
After being cut a thousand times.
Perfection only comes,
After burning through the fires of hell.

©Darshana Mehta



Pulling my legs up high,

He kissed my inner thigh,

Then looked me in the eye,

Yes, you can let your fingers pry,

I knew he’d soon make me cry,

He was the enemy’s spy,

But me, he won’t be able to destroy.

© Darshana Mehta

The Teddy Strangler

Some would’ve called her
Just a naughty kid
Twisting Teddy’s neck
Or beating up Cinderella
But none saw the innocence
That lay beneath that
Evil-ish smile

The toys died, the smile remains
Don’t worry when
You are in the bathroom and
The light goes off suddenly
You are at the evil smiler’s home
Where the teddy strangler still lurks
But the innocence will melt your heart.

© Darshana Mehta

Inspired by, my dearest friend, Vidushi Razdan



I slid my fingers in the hot wet slit between my legs,

I let them catch a rhythm,

Muscles stiffen,

Beats quicken,

I call upon the devil,

I feel him rising, inside my bosom,

Spiders crawl down my thighs,

We move together, rocking up and down,

Reaching the peak, I scream,

The devil satiates his hunger,

I’m left breathless, asunder

He leaves my body with a sigh,

Unknown, that I’ve purloined a bit of his power.

© Darshana Mehta


It isn’t murder, it is art
Bathed him in his own blood
How beautiful it is
To begin things from the start
Bloody, we were born
From the mother’s womb
Bloody, we’ll go back
To the star-crossed tomb
Honoring every part of him
Honored my soul
My guests will lavish
His viscera
For days to come
Served with spices, unknown.

© Darshana Mehta

Raindrops and Snowflakes

I come
From a land
Of hot, unforgiving sand
What was rain
What was snow
I did not know
But destiny
Gave me a chance
To taste
Them both.

When the raindrops
First hit my face
I rejoiced, drank
And played
When I cried, it
Dissolved my tears
Helped me
Hide my pain.

But alas,
Rain is just water
All drops are the same,
A few months
A few days
It had to
Flow away
My earth was left
It ached.

I couldn’t stay that way
I got up
With a bleeding
Broken heart
To begin everything
From the start

And so, I
Travelled afar
Through the land
Of the Sun and
The land of the
From the mountain
To the sea
Yet my heart
Found no peace

One day
A cold draught of air
Took me by storm
And dropped me
Where I’d known
I’d belong
The soft, white
Dollops of snow
Crunched under my feet
Like an old friend
It welcomed me
‘Cause I dared
To unravel
Each snowflake’s

It was the land of
Forever snow
It did not melt
It did not flow
Except where it
Kissed my
Flushed red
Lips, cheeks
And sometimes lovingly
On the brow

It froze my tears
It froze my fears
I melted
In it’s cold embrace
Yet free
Here, the hot sand
Cannot get me.

© Darshana Mehta