Come, surrender

The sword is about to swing,
The guillotine about to fall,
The noose slowly tightens,
Round the vulnerable neck of yours.
Must’ve braved many a weather,
Must’ve stood unbending,
Red against the sun,
But today it hangs (in shame?)
At the mercy of others
Exposed, don’t those tiny hair prickle?

©Darshana Mehta


Things we do in love

Yes, there was love
Of the forever always kind
Interspersed maybe,
With a few fault lines.

But it’s when in love
That we can’t tell
Wrong from right
Heaven from hell

Taking risks, dodging obstacles
Jumping into cold water, climbing fences,
All that, just to stick
To our loved one like barnacles.

How many miles can you travel?
Just to see their face?
A hundred? A thousand? Through hills,
Through mountains? Or pits of disgrace?

But hark now, you lovesick nincompoop,
At the end, it won’t matter
How much you stooped
Because love’s lust will never conclude.

©Darshana Mehta

Of Melodies and Maladies

The symphony
Of a thousand singing birds
Comes to me
If only I could describe it in words.
The Sun’s up
And the world goes around
No time to spare
If only we could listen to these sounds.
The maladies
Of the millions that we are
Escape me
If only they were as big
As we believe
They are.

© Darshana Mehta


Had been dreaming of it,
Since I discovered,
The purpose of my life,
But now when it stands,
Just a breath away from me,
Why does my heart,
Stop to beat?

What is keeping me away,
From fulfilling my destiny,
Which strings are
Still pulling me back?
I had given up everything,
Abandoned everyone,
And yet…

I take a step ahead,
Focussing on that,
White orb,
My source of salvation,
Only to find myself,
Standing, two steps behind,
From where I had begun.

My vision blurs,
My legs weaken,
Sweat snakes down my spine,
I stand still,
To find some ground,
To steady myself, but,
Instead, I look around.

It was only then,
That I realised,
There was
No one around me,
Is this why I couldn’t,
Reach where I’ve always
Dreamt to be?

© Darshana Mehta


Pulling my legs up high,

He kissed my inner thigh,

Then looked me in the eye,

Yes, you can let your fingers pry,

I knew he’d soon make me cry,

He was the enemy’s spy,

But me, he won’t be able to destroy.

© Darshana Mehta

The Teddy Strangler

Some would’ve called her
Just a naughty kid
Twisting Teddy’s neck
Or beating up Cinderella
But none saw the innocence
That lay beneath that
Evil-ish smile

The toys died, the smile remains
Don’t worry when
You are in the bathroom and
The light goes off suddenly
You are at the evil smiler’s home
Where the teddy strangler still lurks
But the innocence will melt your heart.

© Darshana Mehta

Inspired by, my dearest friend, Vidushi Razdan