Millions of dreams shattered, death

When I look at your eyes cold,

My hopes and my life scattered,

How I miss the warmth of your hold.

Bright mornings seem like winters,

And dull the colours that were once bold,

I wish you were here right now,

To laugh with me or to scold.

Death comes to everyone, I know,

But why did it come so early?

Should have let you stay a little longer,

Or should have taken even me.

© Darshana Mehta


What I See In Your Eyes

They speak for you,Girl-with-sad-eyes

The truth or the lie.

They don’t hide a thing,

Show how much you cry,

I’ve already read them,

You’re feelings won’t hide.

Speak them out,

Don’t brush them aside.

Don’t close them,

Don’t act blind.

Because I know,

My memories were never left behind.

I still see them,

In your eyes.

Your love for me,

Burning so bright.

The past you still relish.

In spite,

Of me gone so long, never to come back,

You still hope everything will be alright,

You and me,

Hand in hand, side by side,

But nothing will be the same again

I am now somebody else’s and you no more have right.

© Darshana Mehta

The Goddess of My Heart

I open my heart in front of you,

And ask you, “What do you see?”goddess

You say, “There’s a girl smiling down,

That looks just like me!”

So why do you fear,

You live in my heart, dear,

My heart’s your temple, you’re the goddess,

Whom I worship year by year.

I don’t believe in God, but I believe in you,

‘Cause you believe in me too.

You are already more than what I deserve,

In my heart, I’ll keep you preserved.

People say finding God is difficult,

But look, she lives right in here,

The Goddess of my heart,

Whom I worship year by year.

© Darshana Mehta

When I Look At You


When I look at you,

My heart skips a beat,

My legs go concrete,

I enter a dream…

Where you’re with me,

Walking down the street,

Your hand in my hand,

The one I’ll never leave

Not in the wildest dreams,

I’ll think of leaving you

‘Cause you make my world

And I just can’t  forget you.

When you look at me,

I know, you know me,

I know, you want me too,

And I know you’d believe.

I know, you feel the same,

So why make it late,

And tell each other,

That, “I will love you too”,

Make my dream come true,

That is all that I need,

Your hand in my hand,

The one I’ll never leave.


© Darshana Mehta

The Light Of My Life


Baby, you’re the light of my life,

When you’re gone just darkness resides,

And when you’re here I know where to go,

Yet I always wanna stay by your side.

Without you, I’m afraid like a child,

You tell me what is wrong and what’s right,

‘Cause baby you’re the light of my life.

Everything was gone from my life,

Everything excepting my plight,

Then you came along and gave sight,

Becoming the light of my life.

And all I know is that you’re mine,

My lover and forever guide,

Baby, you’re the light of my life.

© Darshana Mehta