The sky’s so beautiful today…
It’s starry,
And the moon’s shining bright,
I can make out so many constellations.
When I stand,
Under the moonlight,
I feel the heaven,
That we all so crave,
Inside me.
Fools are those who look for heaven in distant lands,
It exists right here,
Under the moonlight,
In the embrace of our loved one,
In the smile of someone,
Or in the song of our own heart…

© Darshana Mehta


11 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. It looked like you were addressing ‘the loved one’ in the first few lines and then you addressed him/her as ‘loved one’. I don’t really get poetry.

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    1. I just described the setting in the first few lines.
      And it’s not about the loved one at all.
      It’s about the heavenly feel one generally gets when he sees someone he loves or does something from all his heart.


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