The hours tick by,

I close,

My weary eyes,

But then I see, hers,

Looking back at me,

Now, how dare I sleep?

Inside and outside,

Darkness fills me,

The sound of her breath,

Comes floating back to me,

But no, 

It’s just the night,

Mocking my anxieties.

Watching that lonely star,

Fade away,

As the light crept,

It’s way,

Slowly, dissolving,

The misery,

I had embraced. 

Now, she dare not think,

Of going anywhere,

She’s mine to kiss,

Mine to stare.

None understand my desperation,

I’ll guard her forever,

What could cause our separation?

“I’ll build you a palace! 

You’ll be my queen!”

What not had I said,

To keep her with me.

Stupid girl!

Won’t listen,

To me.

Wanted her forever,

But she refused to stay,

Pulled her close,

Didn’t let her run away.

“Will hurt only for a moment”, I whispered, 

She struggled,

As I strangled her.

Now, she sleeps,

Right next to me,

Neither moving,

Nor breathing.

Her face,

Beautiful as ever,


© Darshana Mehta