I choose to…

So many things to cry about,

Yet I choose to smile.

So many things to stay back for,

Yet I choose to go the extra mile.

So many things that still remain,

Yet I choose the ones yet to come.

So many things, festering, like open wounds,

Yet I choose to stay numb. 

So many things have wronged me in the past,

Yet I choose to keep an open heart.

So many daggers in my back,

Yet I choose a virtuous path. 

Β© Darshana Mehta


48 thoughts on “I choose to…

      1. Well thanks Darshana(lovely name!) And yes your blog really appeals to me. Your words are living and breathing raw emotions from Your heart. And it tells me that your heart is pure. Please… Stay in touch my friend! And sorry if I’m saying to much.

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  1. As usual it is awesome like always and for a girl of my age really needs some inspiration through this.
    And it’s my request if you could post a poem on passion.

    Liked by 1 person

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