Unlaced my shoes,

Unzipped my pants,

Unbuttoned my shirt,

Unclothed myself. 

There it is,

You’ve now seen,

My naked body whole,

But are you ready,

To behold, 

My naked soul?

You’ll celebrate my body,

Relish it like a carousal,

But will you panegyrize,

For my soul sepulchral?

My grace, my curves,

You will undoubtedly,

Fall admist,

But are you ready to test

Your diligence

As my aptitude twists?

My eyes seraphic,

My countenance ethereal,

Will one day fade. 

A labyrinth of malignity,

A circuit of devilry

Is all that will remain. 

I can’t promise only

Gaeity, on this excursion

But it will be,

Worth the perpetration. 

Touch my denuded body,

And you may have your way,

But try my exposed soul,

And I’ll be indubitably yours


And a day. 

So, as I stand,


In front of you,

You may choose your view. 

©Darshana Mehta


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