Spreading its lilac wings,

Against the blue sky,

It sank down to,

Kiss the Horizon,

A sweet goodbye. 

Little did it know,

Two strangers lounged,

On the rocks below,

Basking under the,

Irridescent glow. 

Melting away,
Fusing with the Horizon,

Causing unintentional,

Bonds to form,

Breakable by none. 

Two hearts held,

As they together beheld,

This manifestation of elegance,

Far from betrayals,

Far from pretense. 

As the sun set,

Something rose, amidst them,

Who knew that, 

The distant ball of fire could, 

Create new sparks betwixt them. 

© Darshana Mehta 

(Qürub means Sunset in Azerbaijani)


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