Trying to find a pattern?


You’ll find none,

My feelings, honestly,

Aren’t progressions,

Neither arithmetic, nor geometric,


Up and down, up and down,

Oscillating between extremes, 

At times just moving,

Around in circles,

Or is it an ellipse?

With a latus rectum,

Not so constant. 

In my quest of,

Finding my centre,

Don’t make me,

Lose my origin,

My potential is an asymptote,

Reaching infinity,

But in which direction? 

Let the chaos,

Of my feelings,

Increase the entropy,

Of the universe,

Let my thoughts perform,

Brownian motion on,

The river of imagination. 

Don’t force me to be a,


Don’t put a “lim”,

On my possibilities,

Even the rainbow is an arc and,

No two snowflakes are the same,

Yet, can you contain them?

©Darshana Mehta


The Blue Train 

I want to sit in a

Blue blue train,

I want to sleep with the 

Rattling in my brain,

I want to feel the sunlight

Dance on my cheeks,

I want to hear what 

The wind has to speak,

I want to let my 

Fingers tickle the air,

I want to have

The starry skies to stare. 

I want to travel

Places near and far, 

I want to learn 

The language of the stars,

I want to play hopscotch

On water puddles,

I want to find my home

In Mother Nature’s cuddles,

I want to sit in a 

Blue blue train,

I want to liberate myself,

From all pain. 

© Darshana Mehta