Squinting through 

The veil of traditions,

She saw

What the world 

Never wanted

Her to see.

A realm 

Full of


Waiting for her

If only she

Breaks free.

Him first,

They always told her

To think. 

Kept her aches aside

Found happiness

In his glee.

Never thought

That she 

Was someone.

Could be

More than a wife or 

A mother of three.

But now

That she knows

She won’t

Let herself


Her knee. 

She wants

To be 


And not 



To break through 

The chains 

Of false

Emotions and customs

And be what she

Wants to be.

© Darshana Mehta

The Wild Horse

Because I am a wild horse, 

Till when can you stop me?

From running free…

From breaking every fence, 

You build for me.

Capture me,

Bind me, 

Whip me,

But you will never be able to stop me, 

From thinking,

From believing.

I’ll run, 

Wherever my heart takes me, 

Breaking every fence, you build for me.

© Darshana Mehta



The hours tick by,

I close,

My weary eyes,

But then I see, hers,

Looking back at me,

Now, how dare I sleep?

Inside and outside,

Darkness fills me,

The sound of her breath,

Comes floating back to me,

But no, 

It’s just the night,

Mocking my anxieties.

Watching that lonely star,

Fade away,

As the light crept,

It’s way,

Slowly, dissolving,

The misery,

I had embraced. 

Now, she dare not think,

Of going anywhere,

She’s mine to kiss,

Mine to stare.

None understand my desperation,

I’ll guard her forever,

What could cause our separation?

“I’ll build you a palace! 

You’ll be my queen!”

What not had I said,

To keep her with me.

Stupid girl!

Won’t listen,

To me.

Wanted her forever,

But she refused to stay,

Pulled her close,

Didn’t let her run away.

“Will hurt only for a moment”, I whispered, 

She struggled,

As I strangled her.

Now, she sleeps,

Right next to me,

Neither moving,

Nor breathing.

Her face,

Beautiful as ever,


© Darshana Mehta



The sky’s so beautiful today…
It’s starry,
And the moon’s shining bright,
I can make out so many constellations.
When I stand,
Under the moonlight,
I feel the heaven,
That we all so crave,
Inside me.
Fools are those who look for heaven in distant lands,
It exists right here,
Under the moonlight,
In the embrace of our loved one,
In the smile of someone,
Or in the song of our own heart…

© Darshana Mehta

The Truth



Look around.

It could be anywhere,

Wearing a mask,

In a shroud.


Watch your step!

It could be waiting for you,


All your nightmares,

Come true.


Look back!

It could be following,

Ready to resurrect,

The corpses of,

Your past doing.


Don’t make a noise!

If it hears it,

It will follow you,

Haunt you,

To your grave pit.


Be careful!

If it finds you,

It will torture you,

Slowly, steadily,

Until it hollows you.



Because once when,

You find out what it is,

The burden,

Will kill you.

© Darshana Mehta


Millions of dreams shattered, death

When I look at your eyes cold,

My hopes and my life scattered,

How I miss the warmth of your hold.

Bright mornings seem like winters,

And dull the colours that were once bold,

I wish you were here right now,

To laugh with me or to scold.

Death comes to everyone, I know,

But why did it come so early?

Should have let you stay a little longer,

Or should have taken even me.

© Darshana Mehta

What I See In Your Eyes

They speak for you,Girl-with-sad-eyes

The truth or the lie.

They don’t hide a thing,

Show how much you cry,

I’ve already read them,

You’re feelings won’t hide.

Speak them out,

Don’t brush them aside.

Don’t close them,

Don’t act blind.

Because I know,

My memories were never left behind.

I still see them,

In your eyes.

Your love for me,

Burning so bright.

The past you still relish.

In spite,

Of me gone so long, never to come back,

You still hope everything will be alright,

You and me,

Hand in hand, side by side,

But nothing will be the same again

I am now somebody else’s and you no more have right.

© Darshana Mehta