Unlaced my shoes,

Unzipped my pants,

Unbuttoned my shirt,

Unclothed myself. 

There it is,

You’ve now seen,

My naked body whole,

But are you ready,

To behold, 

My naked soul?

You’ll celebrate my body,

Relish it like a carousal,

But will you panegyrize,

For my soul sepulchral?

My grace, my curves,

You will undoubtedly,

Fall admist,

But are you ready to test

Your diligence

As my aptitude twists?

My eyes seraphic,

My countenance ethereal,

Will one day fade. 

A labyrinth of malignity,

A circuit of devilry

Is all that will remain. 

I can’t promise only

Gaeity, on this excursion

But it will be,

Worth the perpetration. 

Touch my denuded body,

And you may have your way,

But try my exposed soul,

And I’ll be indubitably yours


And a day. 

So, as I stand,


In front of you,

You may choose your view. 

©Darshana Mehta


Colours of Creativity

When your dull life dispirits you,

When your fervour, decays and turns blue.

Pick up the crayons of creativity; splash it with hues

Of your ideas. So that, to yourself you remain true.

Let Red unleash your intrepidity,

Use Yellow to summon your inner energies,

Apply Green to display your undiscovered efficacy,

But, White to preserve your innocuous purity. 

Allow Purple to show how exceptional you are,

Orange to flaunt your uniqueness from far,

And Pink to help heal even the most putrid scars,

But above all, don’t forget to listen to your heart. 

© Darshana Mehta

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I choose to…

So many things to cry about,

Yet I choose to smile.

So many things to stay back for,

Yet I choose to go the extra mile.

So many things that still remain,

Yet I choose the ones yet to come.

So many things, festering, like open wounds,

Yet I choose to stay numb. 

So many things have wronged me in the past,

Yet I choose to keep an open heart.

So many daggers in my back,

Yet I choose a virtuous path. 

© Darshana Mehta

Ms. Curiosity

Oh look! There she goes,

The fantastic – Ms Curiosity.

The one who has challenged

Our intellect, since eternity.

Go thank her for her

Bequests upon humanity.

Made us wonder; made us

Think and rise above tangibility.

Fathomed our ruminations,

Tested our dexterity.

Caused us to explore,

Gave birth to visionaries,

Picked us from our tedious lives,

Propelled us into a world called Possibility.

©Darshana Mehta


Squinting through 

The veil of traditions,

She saw

What the world 

Never wanted

Her to see.

A realm 

Full of


Waiting for her

If only she

Breaks free.

Him first,

They always told her

To think. 

Kept her aches aside

Found happiness

In his glee.

Never thought

That she 

Was someone.

Could be

More than a wife or 

A mother of three.

But now

That she knows

She won’t

Let herself


Her knee. 

She wants

To be 


And not 



To break through 

The chains 

Of false

Emotions and customs

And be what she

Wants to be.

© Darshana Mehta

The Wild Horse

Because I am a wild horse, 

Till when can you stop me?

From running free…

From breaking every fence, 

You build for me.

Capture me,

Bind me, 

Whip me,

But you will never be able to stop me, 

From thinking,

From believing.

I’ll run, 

Wherever my heart takes me, 

Breaking every fence, you build for me.

© Darshana Mehta